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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Harper's 5th Surgery

Harper had her 5th surgery this past Friday. Her momma posted some updates on facebook, etc. over these past few days. Here is a compilation of those posts in case you missed them. Please keep the healing of Harper's hand in your prayers! Thank you for taking the time to check. 

December 1: Harper's 5th surgery is tomorrow. Would definitely appreciate prayers...they are seperating the remaining middle finger bone from the tissue pouch (i should really draw a picture of what it'll look like and put it on here...will try to do that).

December 2 - 8:22am : and...she's off. they just wheeled her into surgery. doc always has some sort of something in mind that we don't expect....says he may seperate the pinky instead...wants to "feel around and see what's best". also we didn't know she'll have to have yet another skin graft. disappointing, but we trust our surgeon and know he has our girl's best in mind! thanks so much for all the prayers and sweet comments! stay tuned.

traced her hand just before they wheeled her away. it'll never look like this again... obviously what we want, but we're all used to it this way, so the next few weeks will definitely be a transition.... and then again in 6 months. :)

11am: She's awake and eating a popsicle! Everything went awesome... she now has a little pinky finger and NO NEW GRAFT!

1:15pm We're halfway home. Patient is sleeping on and off. SO thankful for a short hospital trip!

2:48 pm: we are HOME! no wireless in recovery and i don't have FB on my phone, so i'm just now getting a chance to update. she is doing good...eating a happy meal (routine after-surgery food) and watching Rudolph. her hand is looking ok...we're watching the circulation pretty closely...there's a small chance that the "new" finger could die, but God is in charge and i know He loves that little hand more than i do!

December 5 : post-surgery check with the surgeon today for Miss Harper. he said everything looks good, but we have to keep her home all week...can't risk damaging his handiwork due to another kid's clumsiness. :)

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